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Shri.P Vijayan IPS
State Nodal Officer

Dear Friends
Like in earlier years, this year too, we celebrated the Anniversary of the Student Police Cadet Project in a grand and befitting manner on August 02, 2013. On the auspicious 3rd SPC Day, at Kollam, hundreds of cadets from high schools throughout our state reaffirmed their commitment to the ideals of this farsighted youth movement, and dedicated themselves to work for the betterment of the nation. On the eve of the 66th Indian Independence Day, our cadets announced to the world that the youth of today are eager and willing to take up the responsibility of leading our proud and ancient nation to global leadership in the coming years of the 21st Century.
A remarkable aspect of the SPC movement has been the tremendous positive response to the programme from authorities in other states of the country. Already, the Government of Rajasthan has launched the SPC programme for the benefit of the youth of their state earlier this year. In fact, a team of SPC officials from Kerala were specially invited to participate in the first training programme for teachers and police officials in that state, in June 2013. Sri V.U. Kuriakose, DySP Administration, Wayanad, Sri Mohamed Arif ACP CD, Thrissur City and Sri Praveen (Spl Asst, SNO-SPC) formed the team from Kerala SPC that attended the programme in Jaipur and shared our experiences with the officials of the Rajasthan SPC. In coming months, I shall share more details and feedback from the SPC project in that state.
The growing demand for the SPC project is also reflected in the visits by officials from various states to study the programme in detail. A team of senior police officials from Haryana visited our state to meet with the leadership of the SPC project, including the Home Minister, Education Minister, State Police Chief and others. This was followed closely by a senior police official from Gujarat who also expressed keen interest in the potential of the programme for youth development in the interest of the nation. Subsequently, I have been informed that the SPC project is shortly to be launched in Gujarat, in selected school of the state. I wish them all the very best and extend to them our wholehearted support for their success.
As pioneers in this major nation-building activity, all of us can be proud of our humble role in growing the Student Police Cadet project, and to each one of you I extend my felicitations. I thank you for your support, and invite you to join me in working to ensure a bright future for our youth, and thereby the Nation. Jai Hind!

P Vijayan I P S
State Nodal Officer
Student Police Cadet

State Nodal Officer

State Nodal Officer
Shri. P. Vijayan IPS

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