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Student Police Cadet project
The 21st century will be India’s century. India is blessed with three essential 'D's for the economy to thrive namely:Democracy, Demographic dividend, and Demand.
The Student Police Cadet Programme (SPC) supports the strengthening of these 3 Ds.
Initiated by the Kerala Police, in collaboration with Departments of Education,Transport, Local Self Government, Excise,Forest, Sports Council, Fire & Rescue. SPC aims to complement the education system through strengthening values, behaviours, and attributes essential for the youth if they are to be productive and responsible citizens of the country. SPC has an important niche in protection of the country’s demographic dividend, in strengthening democracy and respect for the law, and in inculcating and relevant skills in its cadets. Internal security issues often result from disillusionment and frustration of youth who for a variety of reasons are unable to benefit from existing social,economic, and political opportunities. While it is necessary to fight and thwart internal law and order issues, an equally important aspect is the need to prevent and tackle youth issues before they become full-fledged internal security issues. Unless this is achieved, India’s democratic dividend could very well become India’s greatest problem. SPC has today expanded to 425 schools within a short span of five years. Approximately 37,000 students are benefiting from SPC training programmes, and the SPC resource persons presently comprise more than 840 trained teachers and about 1500 police officials. There is a high demand from schools for participation in the Programme. The Programme has also been replicated in other states in India, including Gujarat, Haryana,Karnataka, and Rajasthan. The National Police Congress 2011 held at Dehra Dun recommended the SPC Project for nation-wide rollout. An evaluation by KPMG consultants in March 2015 -- “Impact Study of Student Police Cadet Project” -- found that SPC objectives were considered highly relevant by more than 90 percent of the stakeholders – cadets, teachers, and police. Even in non-SPC schools, parents and teachers perceived SPC as a highly relevant and effective Program.The time is opportune to expand SPC to all schools nationally. The SPC Project is not limited by geography or language. Its basic principles are easily replicable elsewhere, with few adaptations to respond to local contexts as demonstrated by its expansion to other states and requests from other countries. The SPC Project, if it is enhanced and expanded as planned, will ensure the emerg ence of future citizens that will strengthen the fabric of Indian democracy. India’s young women and men will then truly become India’s divided in the 21st century.
The Student Police Cadet (SPC) Project has today expanded to 425 schools within a short span of five years. Around 37,000 students are now benefitting from the SPC training programmes. Resource persons presently comprise more than 840 trained teachers and about 1500 police officials. More than 400 schools are currently on the waiting list for participation in the Project.

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State Nodal Officer
Shri. P. Vijayan IPS

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